RNT Old Style Duck Call (Black)

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The folks at RNT have dug even deeper, gone back even farther, to the beginning days of RNT on this one. Old style logo. Old style sound. And new old style shape. They took the 7th call Butch Richenback ever made and duplicated the exact shape, the exact sound, and the exact looks of this call, to bring to you the new, old, oldstyle. 1/4 inch tone channel. 1/4 inch bore. And that 1/4 inch soft, mellow, deep sound, with top to bottom versatility, that could only have been brought to you by Butch’s old garage. Developed in a simpler time, when duck hunting was duck hunting, and duck calling was duck calling. Tie an Old Style on your lanyard, breathe easy, fill your lungs with the air of the outdoors, and step back in a nostalgic time when volume was not as highly regarded in a duck call as a realistic pure ducky sound.

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